Sunday, October 7, 2007

Zoe's birthday is HERE!

I was so thrilled to organize Zoe's birthday. It's her very first birthday, henceforth I want to make things memorable for her. She might not understand it for the time being. But, she will when she sees the pictures in the future. Here's I have put some pictures to show you the detail preparations I have done for Zoe's birthday.

1. Birthday Invitation Card
I browsed the internet, looking for an idea for the birthday card. Well, instead of buying a normal birthday invitation card. To make it more personal, I made it. I created the invitation card as if Zoe's were a cover girl, print it and laminate it. The card received an excellent respond.
2. The theme
No special theme, however I picked purple as an overall theme. From the decoration, invitation card, cake, birthday favor, the pinata, and of course Zoe's dress....all has purple factor.
3. Goodie bags
For I invited many kids in range ages, I set two different kinds of goodie bags. For babies, and for bigger kids.
For baby, a simple ratle, and a baby biscuit. For big kids, few kinds of sweets.Simple, but nice touch. Well, no birthday party without goodie bags! Kids just love to receive one, it doesnt matter what the inside really are. You can see from the picture how those kids so excited to receive the goodie bags
4. Pinata

Above picture: I was making a centre piece pinata Number 1..While making and once it's done.
I like the idea of having pinata. My first attempt to make my very own pinata. I picked up a bunny rabbit balloon, and turned it a mickey mouse pinata...Fill it in with lots of candies.
Apparently, the pinata I made so thick. The kids found it hard to break it. Until, my neighbor came to the rescue and brought a baseball stick. Only then, the pinata able to break....hehe, sorry kids!
5. Decorations

Balloon is always great for birthday. Not so much costly but did a marvelous touch for the ambience. I engaged a balloon decorator & picked up few color, white, few kinds of purple color and silver. They were made a great combination.

6. Ice breaker

Kids love games,..with the bigger kids included in the birthday guest list. I can't NOT have the birthday party without the games. With the help of my neighbor, again! I had a "Where's the tail?" game. Put the clifford dog picture on the wall, and the kids have to place the tail. Whoever got the closest to the tail, win away a present.
Another two games, I prepared was to blast the baloon with the their bottom and also to insert the pencil into the bottle. It's bunch of fun!
Another fun added was with the presence of "grandpa", a.k.a my dad who did the magic show. He really Wowwed the kids and guests. He could turn the tea in the bottle into white color. Played with cards, and bent the spoon, etc. Don't ask me how he did it, I had no clue. But, what I knew was he spent much effort for the grandchild's birthday party. Kids was so thrilled, and keep asking him, how he did the magic....FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
7. Zoe's Birthday Cake

Initially, I asked my neighbor to make me a birthday cake. Since I knew he's good..However, one night before, he said he had something on in the morning. Hence, unable to make a birthday cake. So, the next early morning, I made the cake my self. I think home-made cake is always the best. The look is not so much of a nice cake, but all the guest love the taste...EHm, happy. For the wording, I wrote.. " Happy 1-derful b-day, Zoey" (read: Happy wonderful birthday Zoey), Hey, It's her 1st birthday rite?White color base and purple color touch up for the wording and the border...
8. Food

Not many foods I prepared, but just nice size and nice amount. - So-on (means: longevity)
- Siomay ( received, a huge hits)
- Chicken feet ( well, apparently only Indonesian and chinese eat these )
- Brocolli salad ( thanks to the cooking class I attended recently)
- Vegetable pie ( thanks to my mom's recipe,...and hands of course..hehe)
- Nuggets
- Creamy Prawns
- Lychee drinks
- Souffle
Kids' food ---> pizza, sausages, juices, ice cream
I think all the hardwork was paid off, kids seemed to have a wonderful time, they enjoyed every second of it. Everybody also happy. Finally after two weeks, I could sleep well.......:o)