Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Terrible Two

Day by day Zoe's development always amazes me. Next week she'll be 22months. Her range of vocabularies increases a lot than I can remember. Sometimes, I just dunno where she learnt all those words. She also started to combine word by word into simple sentences.
Out of the blue-yesterday, she said:" Thao cook no good!"and continued " Zoe cook good" :))) As you might know Thao is our helper at home. That sentence really astonished me. Then I asked her, what do you cook good? She replied," Zoe cook bubun (read: bubur)" meaning she cooks porridge. Me and Thao can't help but laughing.

However, in this stage. I find lots of difficulties tackling her. As she slowly knows what she wants, she doesnt want to listen instruction anymore. This is the difficult part. I recently always have to raise my tone speaking to her....and shockingly she did the same way as what I did.
I have to face the reality that she is now in the " Terrible Two" stage :o)). I din create that word by the way, the paeditrician i met introduced the word to me today.
When I ask her to listen to me, she would act as if i weren't there. It makes me feel like- what have I done wrong to her? and feels like a terrible mother.
However, from a conversation with the doctor today I felt bit relieve. I think all moms in this world might experience it, and I shouldnt think that way. I guess, am just overthink it.

The doctor advise me, at her stage now parents need to be firm on the rules. Otherwise, they will not respect your instruction.
She's also more expressive these days. Last saturday, after having bfast outside we went home. Reaching home, she's complaining," Zoe tired!", giving us a flagging face. :o))
Or else in the morning, after she wakes up and see me without me asking-she will say," I loss you , mommie!" :o)) what she's saying is I love you mommie. Isnt that the sweetest thing you want to hear from your kids?

Being a parent is a form of art, different kid would need a different way to tackle. There are times that am complaining too, but more moments to enjoy being with them.
Zoe's been teaching loads of things, teach me how to be more patient person, teach me to be more knowledgable so i can teach her better, teach me to be a more fun person since am hanging out with her, many life lessons.
I loss you too baby..:)))

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Am a happy helper! :)

Okay, the background story was:

This girl below was supposed to take shower. However she ran away from mommie who'd been chasing her. Mommie lost her. Dunno where she was, but eventually find her when she was doing below action!

When asked what she was doing, she answered," Hep thao..." (Read: Help thao-my helper)
How could mommie get angry if she's trying to be nice??? :)

Welcome home baby!

Welcome home baby, I miss you so much!
I know that I've been neglecting you. Well, the correct word perhaps is underestimated you.
I've been comparing you with others, but now I realize you're stil the one that I love.
Am so sorry for the way I behave towards you.
When you were sick, and you couldnt do your job. I was missing you so dearly.
It really opened my eyes how badly i treated you. You were so sleek, thin, and so nice to carry.
That's what I miss the most. Not a big baggage!
Baby, I promise you to treat you better than ever.
Welcome home baby!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Am a BIG GAL now!

My mom told me, am now 21 months!
and..that's a BIG number!
I have to start to do things myself,
eat myself, play myself-meaning dun disturb mommie all the times when she's blogging :)
and brush my teeth myself.
Everymorning, after wake up from my cozy bed, first thing I do is...kiss good morning to mom and dad...
then go to bathroom to brush my teeth.
and YES, I like it so much that I dont like my mom to help me anymore!
Am a BIG GAL, I know I can do it!

Do you know that I can goggle too?

See how clean my teeth now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A celebrity caught bikini pose!

E-online: Zoey Yong, a recent booming celebrity from Malaysia was caught in the act by paparazzi when she was doing her bikini pose for cover of VOQUE Baby Magazine. Psst.. we heard from a trusted source that she was paid 100,000 USD for this photoshoot.

Despite of surrounded by at least 10 persons, and all the lightings - Zoe was surprisingly seemed so relaxed and comfort during the session.

She was captured before the shooting started - drank a mineral water

Here's some pictures during the photoshoot:

This is the picture when she's trying to chase away the paparazzi

And she's having fun after the photosession over..

Friday, July 4, 2008


I admit that Zoey doesnt have lots of toys. Call me a stingy mom, I dun mind. * In fact, I agree .. LOL *. I dun really like buying her toys, cause hey, children's toys are not cheap, ok??!. Furthermore, I hate to think all those toys will pile up and I dunno where I would store all those stuffs.
Most of her toys are given, gifts over her first birthday from her friends. If not, I could guarantee that she has nearly nothing. kakakakak..

Well, yes, of course I bought her something too. Am stingy-but not thaattt stingy!. I buy some affordable toys, (this means around 10usd toy-the most). More than that, I usually will just put the toys back in the shop rack.. :)
I believe the best thing happen for your kids are not the expensive toys, but it's the parents around them. Toys won't subtitute that. I dun say, we can't buy toys for our children. Sure we can, but also ensure that we have the quality time with them.
BTW, dun you notice eventhough our kids have many nice toys *at least that's what we think*, most of the time they dun want to play with it? They would rather to play with junks, etc: empty can, spoon, fork, en stuffs other than their expensive toys? * see ? you know what I mean *
Ok, nuff with the rambling (back to the real topic!)
Yesterday, I tried to make something together with her. I wanted to play -play dough- with her, and as u would know where the story goes, She doesnt have play dough. Therefore, I decided to make the playdough myself. Just for you to know, there are many different type of playdough that you could choose for making your own. Could be a cooked or non cooked. This time i choose the non cooked saltdough.

If you want to make also, here's the ingredients u need to prepare:

Salt Dough
1 cup salt
1 1/4 cup water
3 cups flour

1. Dissolve salt in water.

2. Stir in the flour, one cup at a time, until it is nice and soft.

3. You can shape it or cut it out with cookie cutters. Bake at 200 degrees until hard.

my helper, thao

my guard, tuoc

my baby busy with the cookie cutter

here's some of the finish result before bake

this is the result after bake

4. Paint with regular acrylics. (I used the waterpaint)

Zoe's seriously painting

the end result, after painting (not too bad, eh?)

Note: This recipe is great for Christmas ornaments and magnets.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Go Green!

Belakangan ini aku lagi giat2nya ngajarin zoe ngublek2 taman. Maksudnya ngublek2 disini adalah nyiramin tanaman.. :) Aku pengen ngajarin zoe untuk menghargai tanaman sejak dini.

Jadi sambil nyiramin tanaman, aku sedikit 'brainwash' zoe tentang bagaimana tanaman itu bisa tumbuh besar. Apa makanannya tanaman...en bla bla nya.
Keliatannya sepele aja, tapi aku kog yakin sedikit demi sedikit hal-hal kecil ginian pasti nyantol di kepala anak kita. Jangan dianggap remeh otak kecil anak kita, mungkin kita pikir apa ya ngerti to yang kita omongin. But trust me,they're way smarter than we really think they are.
Kalo dari kecil dah ngerti bahwa tanaman disekeliling kita itu penting, moga-moga aja nti besarnya gak ada lagi yang namanya illegal logging. Welleh..weleh ampe segitu :o)
Dia jadinya sekarang punya kebiasaan baru, setiap abis bangun tidur sore-sore langsung minta pergi ke taman. Untuk nyiramin 'temen-temen' barunya itu. Dia kayaknya gak tahan pengen ngliat temen2nya itu jadi besar.
Btw..saking senengnya ama hobi barunya, dia sampe kelupaan nonton barney..:O)
Tertangkap basah kamera

muka baru bangun tidur
asyik nyiram


She's an official chef now

Gak penting banget beritanya. Tapi aku seneng banget.
Aku bikin apron buat si Zoey. ehm, kalo aku bilang bikin sendiri boong banget nyak?!
Kebetulan sih mbak yang kerja ditempatku tukang jahit, jadi aku suruh dia bikinin.
Yah lumayanlah hasilnya, supaya memotivasi zoe untuk bantuin mamanya di dapur. Karena emang dia hobi ublek ublek dapur.
En, dia seneng banget pake apron ini. Sampe gak mau dilepas.

Not that important news! However, am just too excited not to share this in my blog.
I've just made Zoe's her very first apron! Erm... I know I know. You dun believe if I made it myself, dun you? Yeah, You're right.. :)
I am lucky to have a helper who is also a tailor. She made it for her.
Look at it!, the outcome is not bad at all, isnt it? I wanna make something to encourage her helping me out at the kitchen. I asked her to write zoe's name on it too.
I like it lots, what do you think??

P.S: Other than in kitchen, can use it for art activity with her.