Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My girl turned 4!

I can't believe my girl is no more a BABY!,
She's now turned into an adorable, sweet, bright 4 years old girl.
How fast time flies....just like a blink of eye.
Babycakes...You've been blessing our lives day by day... and our life is sweeter with you around.
May Jesus bless you in every way of your life..be successful person, and a Happy one!
We love you always,
Mom, Dad, and Louie..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Lil angel goes to school

Yes, the moment that I've been waiting for.. seeing her in uniform.

She looks so adorable, ..
I was nervous to send her for the very first time taking the company school bus,
I was worried..wondering whether she would cope well with the classmates,
worried whether she got bullied by the friends..
However, I guess I was only worried too much..
She always come back home with big smile, and looks happy and proud.

I am such a proud Mama!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing water

It's summer now....the weather is killing! Everytime I pick up zoe from school, I felt like I was slapped by the hot air..and so soooo humid. The weather is in average 43 c, and around 35c at nite time sometimes could reach 40-43c...but many said it's just the beginning. August will be super duper hot, and humid...ahh, how I wish I could go back home this season..

Anyway, yesterday luckilly the weather was less humid, in the afternoon around 5pm, my gal insisted wanted to play ball outside... however, when she saw the water hose,..she changed her mind and washed her bike instead. My boy saw it,..and at the end they all played water at the backyard...It was fun to see them enjoying their playing water, specially in this kinda weather.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My gal..

(a grandma look)

(being silly)

(gifted in pose)

(just freshly came out from bathroom.. She was 3Y 5m that time, We played around with her newly bought toy glasses)

My daughter... Zoey ..
I've just cant get enough of her.. Love to take her pictures.
She's a born photo model..
She knows how to pose...natural...
She's the apple of my eyes..
She's bright, and funny!
A perfect gift that God has given to me...
Am such a blessed mom, don't you agree?

Monday, May 10, 2010

My boy...

(Superman shirt from mothercare, Hippoinfant jeans, Spikey hair done by mommy)

He is my boy, the joy of my heart..
He's grown up so fast...1 Year 1 month now, he is..
He has started to walk, ....stil in love with his dummy ^_^ (can't stay away from it, in fact)
He loves everything with wheel...
He loves to eat...(seldom see him without any food on his hands)
He loves his sister... (his bestfriend..)
He loves his new tatoo..^_^..to show his love to mommy!
Love you til bits, boy!

What is he doing, you think? Praying? begging for more food? LOL

I fall in love with his eyes..^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Play dressing-up

Yesterday, me and my gal played 'dressing-up' ...I dressed her with hair band,
necklaces...matched shoes...I think she looked lovely.

Last but not least our pic together..

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
06 May 2010
@ home
Photography by Mommy

Saturday, May 1, 2010

an intermezzo

Remembering my conversation with my gal on one beautiful weekend..

Me washing the dishes..
Zoe: Mom...I wish I had wings
Me: Hmm?? why you need wings?
Zoe: So..I could fly farr away..and go anywhere..
Me: So? Are you gonna leave me alone??
Zoe: Well..You have dad and Louie, No??
Me: But, I won't have you then...
Zoe was thinking and thinking and thinking...then answered
Zoe: Owkay..then mom, don't worry.. I'll visit you next time.. ^_^

So? stil flying????
Here are some of her latest pictures..She's 3years 6months.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Post cerita Ultah Louie yg ke-1

Sebulan lalu, Louie my boy, tepat berusia 1tahun. Berarti udah sekitar 8bulan-an lebih kita di saudi arabia. Acara ulang tahun Louie aku rayain dengan amat sederhana, gak seperti cie-cienya dulu. Aku cuman ngundang satu keluarga, dan satu lagi teman dekat suami..Karena, si Tuan rumah, yg gak sanggup masak untuk orang banyak.. Lha wong, gak pinter masak..Malu ah, undang banyak2 orang, dan lagi setelah dipikir2 louie juga paling gak ngeh sama ultahnya dia.

Walaupun hanya ngundang sedikit orang, tapi aku bisa bilang persiapanku heboh juga...LOL
Bikin kue ultah udah 2hari sebelonnya...karena berniat bikin hiasan pake homemade fondant, dengan bentuk mobil. Louie emang suka sekali dengan segala yang beroda. (lelaki sekali memang..^_^)

Setelah ngublek ngublek dan mantengin youtube terus, akhirnya kejadian juga deh mobilnya louie. Yang hasilnya gak sesuai dengan desain awal...haha...mobilnya pun yang pengen nya warna merah, malah jadi pinky gitu..ya wis lah, sudah duluan cwuapek..
Bikinnya udah pake kurang tidur, anak2 super duper rewel hari itu...badan rasanya remuk redam..Pengennya, cepet cepet lah acara ini berlaluuuuu... hahaha..

Kuenya, minta resep temen..yahud emang rasanya..aku tambahin filling pake black cherry, en chocolate ganache...jadi rasanya kayak black forest gitu lho.
Lalu untuk mobil2nya aku pake kek yang instan aja lah, gak mau ribet lagi aku, aku pilih betty crocker adza..
Untuk makan malamnya, aku masak bihun goreng, ayam panggang isi apel, brokoli,ikan goreng dan ca jamur. Nyaris tekpar ngerjainnya, abis gak ada yg bantuin.

Louie dapet hadiah tenda2 an beserta terowongannya dari uncle david fam ama uncle teo..sedang dari mama papanya dapet hadiah mobil2an...Dia seneng banget hari itu.. Ikutan seneng juga jadi ortunya.

Mobil2 and dari mom & Dad & Zoe

Louie lagi diem2 nyuri coklat kek..

Glad I did that!! and lega rasanya bisa kerjain semuanya ndiri gak ada yg bantuin..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hellow there!!

Alright..*take a deep breath*, where should I begin??
Too much stories, too much changes, too little words I could think of.
It's almost 9months since we moved from vietnam, to the land of 1001 nights..
So many events, many stories have not been penned here..
My two kids seem to enjoy living here...Zoe loved the nursery she goes to, Louie my boy is enjoying his crawling ...and destructing the house too! ^_^
Not only them, me also feel the same way..I love living here, I love the easy-life. I din believe I said this, but I do enjoy living without a maid..
It does work to shape up my body after giving birth..^_^..

Allrighty, my new post..better take it easy..I just want to share some of our latest pictures..
This is me, and Zoe (3,5yrs), and Louie (1 year), with our beloved gear to send Zoe to school.

This is My boy Louie

This is my dearest hubby and zoe

Last but not least, our family picture taken during Louie's 1st birthday dinner.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

take a peek

aarrhh..this blog is sooo abandoned...
I havent visited this blog too long, til I forgot when the last time I read it. My energy and focus is currently poured on my other baby
Yeah, it's so dusty..and the cup has dried..
Worry not babe..I'll clean the cup..and will pour some more coffee...
I'll return...my promise!..with more capuccino, more caramel macchiato, more espresso..:))
story of our life here...