Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing water

It's summer now....the weather is killing! Everytime I pick up zoe from school, I felt like I was slapped by the hot air..and so soooo humid. The weather is in average 43 c, and around 35c at nite time sometimes could reach 40-43c...but many said it's just the beginning. August will be super duper hot, and humid...ahh, how I wish I could go back home this season..

Anyway, yesterday luckilly the weather was less humid, in the afternoon around 5pm, my gal insisted wanted to play ball outside... however, when she saw the water hose,..she changed her mind and washed her bike instead. My boy saw it,..and at the end they all played water at the backyard...It was fun to see them enjoying their playing water, specially in this kinda weather.