Monday, May 24, 2010

My gal..

(a grandma look)

(being silly)

(gifted in pose)

(just freshly came out from bathroom.. She was 3Y 5m that time, We played around with her newly bought toy glasses)

My daughter... Zoey ..
I've just cant get enough of her.. Love to take her pictures.
She's a born photo model..
She knows how to pose...natural...
She's the apple of my eyes..
She's bright, and funny!
A perfect gift that God has given to me...
Am such a blessed mom, don't you agree?

Monday, May 10, 2010

My boy...

(Superman shirt from mothercare, Hippoinfant jeans, Spikey hair done by mommy)

He is my boy, the joy of my heart..
He's grown up so fast...1 Year 1 month now, he is..
He has started to walk, ....stil in love with his dummy ^_^ (can't stay away from it, in fact)
He loves everything with wheel...
He loves to eat...(seldom see him without any food on his hands)
He loves his sister... (his bestfriend..)
He loves his new tatoo..^_^ show his love to mommy!
Love you til bits, boy!

What is he doing, you think? Praying? begging for more food? LOL

I fall in love with his eyes..^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Play dressing-up

Yesterday, me and my gal played 'dressing-up' ...I dressed her with hair band,
necklaces...matched shoes...I think she looked lovely.

Last but not least our pic together..

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
06 May 2010
@ home
Photography by Mommy

Saturday, May 1, 2010

an intermezzo

Remembering my conversation with my gal on one beautiful weekend..

Me washing the dishes..
Zoe: Mom...I wish I had wings
Me: Hmm?? why you need wings?
Zoe: So..I could fly farr away..and go anywhere..
Me: So? Are you gonna leave me alone??
Zoe: Well..You have dad and Louie, No??
Me: But, I won't have you then...
Zoe was thinking and thinking and thinking...then answered
Zoe: Owkay..then mom, don't worry.. I'll visit you next time.. ^_^

So? stil flying????
Here are some of her latest pictures..She's 3years 6months.