Thursday, August 11, 2016

2nd Grader, and 4th Grader

First day of school!

Finally we're settling at our new location, Shekou- China, and today is the first day of school. 11 August 2016.
My kids were so excited to be at new school. But, to be honest with you, I am not.
I loved their old school, the people, the community, the building..and this new school compared to the old one is way below.
Kids were up early today, I guess the excitement of first day woke them up.
I could see Zoe's smiles and spirit was high. I am at the other hand..feeling nervous.
We went down to the parking lot waiting for the golf cart to send us to the school. Yes, the apartment provides the shuttle. I say, it's a cool way to go to school :))

Zoe's little bit showing some nervousness, when she was in line for her class. I saw how she stood, groggy as no one knowing her yet. No one talking to her, while other girls have some groups. They were from the previous batch I guess.
When the line left, she was still stood there not knowing where and how to go. I saw from far, and my heart wanting to scream.. Zoeeee... goooo...go together with your class!! Apparently, she's still confused. I approached her and told her to go. She started to get a little bit panic that she made a mistake. I told her it's ok, it's her first day. It's very normal to make such mistake, as she's not into the routine just yet.
Her mood slightly change, from high spirit to flat..
I was there, feeling bad for her. Deep down in my heart, I really want to hug her tight and's ok dear, it's ok.. It'll be better.
As I went together with her to her class, I saw no other mom/parent. So, I let her run alone...It's so fast until I haven't had a chance to hug and kiss her.
I went home walking, and still I kept thinking about her. I missed her already. I cry home, feeling her nervousness, worry that no one is talking to her, worry she has no friend...
I may be thinking far ahead, I know it needs time. I guess it's just a motherly instinct, no?
She's such a bright kid, she should be fine.
I am praying to God, that both of you will instantly have bunch of good friends today!

Love you kids,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My girl turned 4!

I can't believe my girl is no more a BABY!,
She's now turned into an adorable, sweet, bright 4 years old girl.
How fast time flies....just like a blink of eye.
Babycakes...You've been blessing our lives day by day... and our life is sweeter with you around.
May Jesus bless you in every way of your successful person, and a Happy one!
We love you always,
Mom, Dad, and Louie..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Lil angel goes to school

Yes, the moment that I've been waiting for.. seeing her in uniform.

She looks so adorable, ..
I was nervous to send her for the very first time taking the company school bus,
I was worried..wondering whether she would cope well with the classmates,
worried whether she got bullied by the friends..
However, I guess I was only worried too much..
She always come back home with big smile, and looks happy and proud.

I am such a proud Mama!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing water

It's summer now....the weather is killing! Everytime I pick up zoe from school, I felt like I was slapped by the hot air..and so soooo humid. The weather is in average 43 c, and around 35c at nite time sometimes could reach 40-43c...but many said it's just the beginning. August will be super duper hot, and humid...ahh, how I wish I could go back home this season..

Anyway, yesterday luckilly the weather was less humid, in the afternoon around 5pm, my gal insisted wanted to play ball outside... however, when she saw the water hose,..she changed her mind and washed her bike instead. My boy saw it,..and at the end they all played water at the backyard...It was fun to see them enjoying their playing water, specially in this kinda weather.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My gal..

(a grandma look)

(being silly)

(gifted in pose)

(just freshly came out from bathroom.. She was 3Y 5m that time, We played around with her newly bought toy glasses)

My daughter... Zoey ..
I've just cant get enough of her.. Love to take her pictures.
She's a born photo model..
She knows how to pose...natural...
She's the apple of my eyes..
She's bright, and funny!
A perfect gift that God has given to me...
Am such a blessed mom, don't you agree?

Monday, May 10, 2010

My boy...

(Superman shirt from mothercare, Hippoinfant jeans, Spikey hair done by mommy)

He is my boy, the joy of my heart..
He's grown up so fast...1 Year 1 month now, he is..
He has started to walk, ....stil in love with his dummy ^_^ (can't stay away from it, in fact)
He loves everything with wheel...
He loves to eat...(seldom see him without any food on his hands)
He loves his sister... (his bestfriend..)
He loves his new tatoo..^_^ show his love to mommy!
Love you til bits, boy!

What is he doing, you think? Praying? begging for more food? LOL

I fall in love with his eyes..^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Play dressing-up

Yesterday, me and my gal played 'dressing-up' ...I dressed her with hair band,
necklaces...matched shoes...I think she looked lovely.

Last but not least our pic together..

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
06 May 2010
@ home
Photography by Mommy