Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My girl turned 4!

I can't believe my girl is no more a BABY!,
She's now turned into an adorable, sweet, bright 4 years old girl.
How fast time flies....just like a blink of eye.
Babycakes...You've been blessing our lives day by day... and our life is sweeter with you around.
May Jesus bless you in every way of your life..be successful person, and a Happy one!
We love you always,
Mom, Dad, and Louie..


NRIGirl said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl.

Care for Coffee with Jesus?!


hk said...

She's really so all grown up now since the lassst time I've seen her. Such a sweet big girl now. ^_^

Deby Suwito said...

@NRIGirl: Thanks.. :)) thanks for visiting too.

@HK: Yes, maybel she'll meet u one fine day when she's teenager.. haha.. u won't recognize her by then..