Friday, September 28, 2007

Am Busyyyyy

I've been very extremely busy lately.. Don't trust me?
Let me explain it more detail.. Busy means, no time for me to order a gas for my bath-tub. No time to cook for family, and not even to play with my little kiddo.
Yes, that's my busy am talking about. And why?? Because...
1. My arisan day coming up this saturday...busy in ordering stuffs...and bought ingredients to cook...
2. My baby group coming up this monday ( which i heard today, it's postpone to another one week)...sigh....
3. Zoe's birthday party next saturday. Have already prepared two weeks in advance for the goodie bags, made the invitation letter, distribute it...and made my mom, critized..saying I was like having a wedding affair. Sending a birthday invitation card, way to fast....Hey, am busy remember?????
4. Just joining an association that put me into newsletter coordinator, and taking so much of my last one week wrapping the issue, made me glued the whole day to my compie....and thanks God, it's done today.. and ready to published today too.

Some of you maybe frowning reading this, and saying...i just exaggerate...maybe it sounds like i do. But, i never felt like this...for so long....I mean this busyness.. I am happy though, I overwhelmed, feeling like am useful..haha....yeah, honestly speaking. I sort of feel that way for quite sometimes. I wrote this, not because am complaining...I wrote this, because.. I AM HAPPY, that I AM BUSY!!!!!

Note: will post another blog on zoe's birthday party......just wait..