Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good bye Balikpapan! So long......

Balikpapan, 28Jan08

Right now, my mind is wandering around. I feel excited and at the same time feel sad. Thinking flash back, October 1999 - the first time I stepped into this town. Small town, it was ..the town that was totally different from what I expected. It’s a clean town, with too many foreigners. For the first few months I stayed here, I just wanted to get out from this place. Now, after few years staying here…gosh, it’s just O So difficult to get my feet out from this place. Wherever I go, I eventually always come back here. When I left this town on 2003, I thought..that’s it! I would never return to this city, but guess what? I happened to marry with a guy who works here, so …no choice, came back to this town again.
It’s really a nice place to live, and a nice place to work. No traffic jam, not many pollution,…the only complaint I have is the high cost of living…
Other than that, nothing to complaint really. Not even the minim entertainment in the town. I am satisfied enuff to be able to drink my usual cup of tea in my regular depot kopi I always go. Sit there, and chat or sometimes only to read some books.

Then, there came the news… my hubby will be transferred to other location.
My feeling? Excited! Start thinking we’re gonna see something different, experience new things in other people’s country. But tonight, it came to my realize that I perhaps would not step to this place again…ow, it hurts my feeling little bit. I love this city, the city that has lots memory, lots sentimental value within.

My mind thinking of all the friends am gonna leave: Nia, en Silkair buddies, Asiong my goodfriend from the beginning I came to this place, Ujjayini my nice neighbor, Sania, all my neighbor in bpn…I, bpn church,. my doggie Gio-gio who is now given away to another dog lover, Ibu Yuyuk.

I dunno what’s in store for us, but I hope there will be something good lies ahead us.

For the sake of the memory, I put some of our home pix in bpn – definitely gonna miss it.
It's not really our house, it's a company rented house. How I wish it to be mine..hehe..

Here's my garden that I always proud of, thanks to Anto my gardener.


Anonymous said...

Yes,B'papan indeed memorable and enjoyable city. I got a feeling you'll be back again sooner or later to this city. Anyway, it was great to meet such a wonderful and loving person as you are.Thanks for everything..dont forget me n keep in touch..kiss for Zoey//Nia @yahoo