Friday, September 12, 2008

The second miracle is coming

Ok, I should have posted this long time back. At least to let some of my friends know that am now pregnant, yes Zoe is gonna have sibbling!
I have now wrapped my first semester of the pregnancy. The ups and downs during the first three months, really made me lazy to post anything about it. Lost my mood, spent most of my days either snuggled in my bed, or throwing up in the toilet.
The first month was actually okay, I hardly felt I thought this time would be different experience from the first pregnancy. Good!

Second month came, and I had breakout on my face! gosh, never in my wildest dream I had so many acnes on my face! Yeah, I seldom had acne...if yes, that meant only one or two!
This time, hmm.. so embarrassed to say, I lost count of them. Too many! Complaining everyday to my hubby, til he also gave up dunno what else comfort words could convince me that I was stil beautiful as always on his eyes!
Hormones baby, blame it to hormones!...everyday is not a good day, tried to be cheerful..but it's just so hard!
Zoe was more cranky too, so spoilt to mommy, easily cry when she didnt get what she wanted. Expected mommy to carry her most of the times. Those just made things worsen.
Imagine this, Nauseas, always felt cold, couldnt bare feet when touched the floor- The chill from the tile would rush spreading to my whole body and made me vomit.
I really hate the second month.
The third month was slowly getting better eventhough now and then I stil had the morning sickness. If one day I felt better, the following day, not neccessarily I felt better too.
We spent the last two weeks of my third month of pregnancy in Kuala Lumpur. Hmm...before I went for holiday, I already imagining all the nice delicacies I would enjoy there. Had them listed on my head. However funny things happened. Out of the blue, I found all kinds of meat just sickening me! I couldnt swallow anything with meat inside. I just had vegetables during my trip there. Can you imagine, that you are in Malaysia where all nice delicacies you can find, and all you eat is only vegie??
What a waste really, I past all those nice prawns, crispy pork, steam fish....grrrhhmm..
So, the first semester over, and I just started my new second semester. The second semester theoritically should be the best phase of the pregnancy.
Well, I just keep my finger cross! Pray to God to give me strenght every night and day, that's what I need. Having a kid and expecting, is really not an easy thing to go through.
I am missing my mom so much now, wishing her to be around me now. Having her around like my first pregnancy was a GREAT help. Her gentle hand would massage me whenever I felt nauseas, the morning sickness stil there..but it soothed me.
I have made a plan to go back home next month, I just can't wait. Am counting the days now..