Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We're BACK!!!

Hai hai hai..there...so long havent posted anything here. I guess i start to abandon this blog. Yeah, We've just come back from a one month holiday in my hometown.Only me, and my baby without my hubby. A full month of laziness, full month of eating the meals I've been longing to have, a full month of doing nothing!
See, you get what I mean? and somehow i stil carry this 'disease' back to to vungtau.

So, what's new after one month holiday?..let me see:
1. a broken camera....yes, my baby has pinched the sensor of the camera lens and it doesn't work anymore.

2. a much bigger tummy! I promised myself last time, to try to control my body weight, not to increase so fast. But i guess, that's impossible if what i always did was letting my butt stuck on sofa. I remember, when I went home I wore this cargo pant and it kept dropping as I din have my belt on. However, one month later it's no longer fit me.
3. You could now imagine me walking like a big elephant, so slow..as every inch of my lower body aching.
4. Yes, we have found out...It's a baby boy. No point of keeping it as a secret, eh? A pair that we're gonna have.
5. Zoey din have apetite during her stay in Indonesia. She din want to eat, regardless all kind of foods prepared for her, milk?? ermm....sorry mama, no mood to drink as well. Result? lost 1.5kg in a month time. Headache for every mom, eh?
But, good things happened after we arrive in VT. Her appetite slowly returned to its path..:o)
6. My baby becomes 'tukang bully kid' now! a shock?! not only you, me as well. I feel scared everytime she tried to approach other kid or baby. She will push, pull, or hit them.
Yeah, after bullying the animal, now she turns to another children as the victim.. :o)
Where was that a sweet funny caring little gal I had? I hope it's just a cycle that she will go through. Please, bring me back my old sweet little baby! :o))
However, I can see that she's brighter than ever, funnier than ever too, every comment she makes always make me laugh. I tell you, she's really one little clown. Zoe is fully aware that her mommy is having a baby inside her tummy. People keep asking her not to ask mommy to carry her all the time. She heard that enuff, i guess. The other day, we went to shopping mall she carried this small plastic bag. She seems lazy to carry the bag anymore, than she said,'"Mommy, you carry this, it's heavy, zoe stomache have baby!" I can't stop laughing!..and yes, she seemed serious saying it.

Holidaying is nice, however the nicest place for me is being with family, your hubby and your baby wherever you are. Home sweet home, to me!