Sunday, February 15, 2009

Journal of the day

Our sundays routine seem predictable and almost the same every week. Woke up late, had breakfast at home or outside, and after that enjoy the cheap indulgence in one of the saloon to wash hair.. :o) Me and my hubby like to pamper ourself with the affordable beauty regime while we can here.
And this week, is nothing different. The same routine again. My hair is a typical dull, frizy, super duper dry hair. Washing it with my own hand, will always end up like I never wash, and comb my hair. Guess, that's the reason why I like to go saloon and wash it there. Lucky enough for me, and my lazy behaviour, the price I have to affordable. They would wash your hair, give your face and head a massage, and blow dry for around an hour, would cost me between 40-50,000 VND (2-3USD). The result is brighter face, and of course no more frizzy hair look.
We always bring zoe with us, and let her play with her toy or play with the saloon lady. So far, no complain from her, and she's quite enjoying her trip to saloon. Like today, she also enjoying her pedicure...
After we're done with our hair, we went to the baby shop to buy the baby cot. Yes, the baby will be due in four-five weeks time. Preparation for the baby just started.
The baby cot is ready, thanks for zoe and dad who hand in hand assemble the baby cot. Oh ya, the baby taffle also ready.
My maternity bag, not finish packed. Am stil waiting till all the baby clothes finish washed.
I hope the second child will be born on time. We're planning to have the baby delivered in FV hospital in Saigon. If everything is running as planned, I'll be going to saigon few days before the due date. My mom and my sister will be there for me...yipii, can't wait to meet them.
Zoe is more than excited to welcoming her baby brother, everyday she would choose her old clothes to be given for her brother. I love to see the excitement on her eyes, and I always want to involve her with the preparation for the baby. Like, choosing the clothes, packing the baby bag, cleaning the toys with zoe. I think it will make her feel involved, needed, and feel like she's turned to be a big sister..:o)
Another month to go....nervous nervous....:o))