Monday, May 12, 2008

farewell to you Jason!

Last week, we bid farewell to Jason Castro. Well, I had already predicted that after he flubbed the lyric. Having said that, I think it's best that he is gone before final 3. The 3 survivor finalist now are David Archulleta (which is me and millions of watchers have forcasted!), David Cook (another popular finalist), and the not so popular but have wonderful voice Syeisha Mercado. Jason if I have to compare with rest of them, hmm...(hard for me as a fan to say this) stil below their level.
If he were through, and manage to be final 3, I think he would only be the jokes by many people. And as a fan, I hate to think that!!!
So jason, happy to see you leaving is not because I hate you, it's just simply because I love you..
Good bye dear, get a record, and I'll get your cd....this, I promise!