Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My new machine!

I have a new exercise machine. I've been using it quite religiously these days. It is very good, unlike my other machine it is able to force me to actually using it.
Everyday I am using it, up down up down...Well, if my calculation senses stil works perfectly. At least am working on it minimum 10 times a day.

Ya know when am having mood swing or laziness attack. I would only lay on my couch do nothing. This time, uh-ah, no way jose! This machine will scream and scream, leave me no choice but to put my leg on it. No chances for any laziness to even stop by, because no matter how reluctant I am, I really need it.

Folks, meet my new machine:

It's 30steps, counting 10 x 30 = 300steps, and could be more.

The result, surprise surprise for the first time within 3weeks staying here I dun gain any weight.
I guess it really works eh?

P.S: First two days using it, I always have headache. I never fond of stairs in my life, always make me headache. Good thing now, when using it evryday it cures me somehow. I guess what they say that exercise is healthy is correct.


Siska said...

hahahahaha... katanya, naek turun tangga bisa bikin pantat kencang lho:)))))

debyyong said...

i dunno whether the theory has been proven. I have no seen the result of my pantat tighten so far...LOL