Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hellow there!!

Alright..*take a deep breath*, where should I begin??
Too much stories, too much changes, too little words I could think of.
It's almost 9months since we moved from vietnam, to the land of 1001 nights..
So many events, many stories have not been penned here..
My two kids seem to enjoy living here...Zoe loved the nursery she goes to, Louie my boy is enjoying his crawling ...and destructing the house too! ^_^
Not only them, me also feel the same way..I love living here, I love the easy-life. I din believe I said this, but I do enjoy living without a maid..
It does work to shape up my body after giving birth..^_^..

Allrighty, my new post..better take it easy..I just want to share some of our latest pictures..
This is me, and Zoe (3,5yrs), and Louie (1 year), with our beloved gear to send Zoe to school.

This is My boy Louie

This is my dearest hubby and zoe

Last but not least, our family picture taken during Louie's 1st birthday dinner.