Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bad hair day!!!!!

Today I seemed to make a mistake, choosing a wrong option. Instead of go ahead with my initial plan, which was to perm my hair, I straightened my hair. It really turned out very bad, below my expectation. The thing that made me so 'sakit hati' was that I had to pay fortune for this....gosh!
When my hubby picked me up at the hairdresser, to see his face looked so bitter that sounded like "what the heck they've done to my wife???!!, made it feel even worse.
This new fringe reminiscent me of my old time ' kanak-kanak' hairdo which looked like a half of coconut shell...gosh...can you imagine how i

look now?

Loosing little bit of confidence now, even when i went out from the saloon to get into the car....OH NOOOO!!!!
I can't seem able to face the world now....exaggerating? no, am telling you the truth.
Back home, my baby was stil sleeping..She heard my voice talking to my self to the mirror in the room, complaining of my hair, and she woke up.
and you noe what she did?? She looked at me, frowning at my new fringe for quite long time...and showed her wide grin showing her approval! I think I have my new fan (could be the only one for now).


Siska said...

hmm.... ummmm... ehhh.... errrr...mmmhhh....

Pls tell me that it has grown back...:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... better no comment.