Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Have you seen the recent commercial tv ad Sony New Handycam, the kids version?
It's so funny eh? Very peculiar kids behaviour, sometimes hilarious, other times wanna burn your head!
One time I watched it, it's funny!
Second time I watched it, It's stil funny! and still so..untill...

Zoe is really fond of this commercial ad, she called it Pabungbung. Yeah, the music lyric sounds like pabungbung word. Once the ad finish she would ask, More more more..And will bring me the remote control, asking me to replay.
Hey girl, how on earth I could replay the ad on tv?
Til come my saviour, a discreet friend of mine. He sent me the file of this ad.
Now, I can always play the ad everytime my bundle of joy request.
However, playing the ad 15times in a row. Gosh, I have enuff really.
From, love to hate!
That's what happening to me now with this ad!


Siska said...

hehe. zoey udah tau teknologi replay???:) hebaaattt