Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dear Diary

** update 28th June: Some pix of the party ** (someone took them, luckilly!)

  1. My worst nightmare came, baby fell sick again, no mood to eat. Well, she's getting better now, but..all foods seem no more appealing now to her. I hate to see her like this. She was a healthy eater last time. Puff, hope she will change. All different kinda food I had prepared for her, If I get lucky she would eat 5 spoons. No lucky, not even a single spoon get into her mouth.I can see some weight lost now. I just hope, this is just me that worry too much. Things will get better, Keep my finger cross.
  2. Hubby is going for training in Dubai for a week, hmm.. I mizz him. House is so empty without him.
  3. Did the barbecue party a couple weeks ago. It was fun, at least I can meet people! Been lonely in this new place. Good things we had this gathering, something that kept me busy, even drove me nuts! Hey, I never expected to prepare small party would be that tiring!!! It's great though. Through the night we had the kebab, nasi goreng, bihun goreng, salad, grilled chicken wings, Chocolate fountain, Cheesecake. Great chit-chat, overflow drinks, fun billyard. No pictures taken, just lazy to take.