Friday, June 27, 2008

Pedicure - Medicure

One day, I passed by a small girl.

She asked, Pedicure medicure mam?
I was intriqued by how small she was..and wondering how good she would be.
I asked, Could you do a French manicure?
She replied, No..I only do an abstract manicure.
Hmm, I wondered. Never heard of it before. Perhaps it's the latest fashion of pedi-medi world.
Then, there I was...helplessly let my toes to be on her capable hands.
After few minutes flew.
I then figured out what she meant by abstract design.
See the process..

And here is the final result, Abstract design!

and meet the artist...

and how she did for herself..

She offered me, to introduce her to all my friends. For my friends, no Anyone interested?


Ujjayini Bhaduri said...

Madam deby I knew you were creative but not to this extent.Its great to see zoe. I feel proud that she was my sons 1st girl friend.I will make sure he follows it up later. With lots of love n kisses.......Ujjayini

debyyong said...

She's grown so fast my dear. Ask him faster, once she become miss malaysia. He might lost his chances..LOL...

Hey, why dont u make blog too. I wanna see rupu too.