Saturday, June 28, 2008

Story of the duo chef goes the story,
It was a one fine day.
The little chef was fancy to bake something.
Then both big chef and little chef worked.

This is the kitchen,

Here she was shifting the flour.

Then, started to mix the flour and milk....en...erm....perhaps tried lil bit..
Then, poured in the egg....whisk whisk whisk.. It's well combined...and batter needed to put aside..Hmm...She's really into it. Can't you see how serious she looked?
She liked to stir and stir so much... til she din wanna stop! Big chef forced to take the batter away!!

She gave long face, din want to see the big chef's face.

She started to cry..

And more cry...
And another act of rolling on the floor..

Big chef tried to calm no avail.. then, she brought little chef outside to see the nice wheather and nice garden.

Phewf... *relief mode-on*, Little chef happy again.