Tuesday, December 23, 2008

adios thailand.

It's so funny. At the beginning of my stay in Thailand, for the first couple of weeks I kept whining and complaining. Now, my term of stay here ended and have to return to vietnam. Somehow there's something missing, I feel sad to leave the place.
Kept saying that it was dead city. However the truth was, it was a peaceful place. With many of friendly faces you can easily find everycorner of your ways.
It's not dead city at all! I find many places I could choose to go compare the place that we're currently living. My baby also finds it enjoyable, as she could play in the playground that she loves to visit. She also made many friends here...off the record - she's more famous than me here..:o)
No matter how reluctant I am to leave, stil we have no choice but to go.
Til then Phitsanulok, adieu...we'll come back again someday!