Saturday, December 27, 2008

look what I've got!

We have eventually returned to vungtau, a month earlier than expected. Our plan initially was to come back for a day or two then go back to phitsanulok again. However, after a thorough decision, me and my baby decided to stay back make life easier, and cheaper?? :o)

Staying in thailand at the beginning was tough, but coming to the end of my stay -it was much easier. As we already know the places where to go, playground for zoe to play, etc, however my baby's diet was my biggest concern. Staying in hotel din leave me with much choices of food to eat. Specially for my baby, as am sure they always put bunch of MSG.
Hence, I prefer to stay back here in vungtau. ALso with the big belly, I rather not to travel as much.

I was quite satisfied with my shopping spree I did in bangkok. I din buy anything in phitsanulok. I got a bag, a present from me to me for my birthday. No, my hubby is not stingy, but I told him I wanna buy myself something this time. Sometimes, spending your own money was more satisfying. I think the bag was really representing my character, and my need. It doesnt take fortune compared to the branded bags, say LV, Gucci, and the gank (which I fancy to buy one day :o),!, deb) It's bulky size, could fit many things that I can throw in. Am talking about my baby milk bottle, diaper, sun glasses, and many other baby stuff. Yeah, Am a mother of a toddler, hence a big bag is the one i need. Besides, I dun like small bag. Seem they are too small for my big size body. Ehm..
Look at my bag, I just love it! It's really love at first sight!

The other two item I got were shoes. GOsh, it's so difficult to get a shoe my size and my taste in vietnam. The nice ones normally are too small for my feet. Yes, the ladies here generally are petite size. And again, feet not that big either. Mine consider normal, if you're wondering.
I need flat shoes this time, because high heel dun seem possible for me to carry my big belly.
If you see my shoes, I think you know why I love these shoes...

Love them, love them, and love them..