Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dear Little Angel

I have to write this to tell you how happy I am today spending time with you the whole day! Start from the time you woke up, showing me your garfield eyes. Then, I had to kiss you many times til you woke up. smelt wonderful, then you gave me smile but stil pretending to sleep. I kept going on kissing you, until you gave up then you said Mama mama...
I fixed you breakfast then we set to go to your first day at school. Yeah baby, I was so proud mother. You didn cry on your first day at school. What a big gal you are my little angel! You had good time, playing with all those toys, Didnt you? Then watching your eyes beaming while you were playing bubble with your class. You shouted in rejoice, " baben baben...", saying bubble. You were happy, and I was more than happy.

There's nothing make me more blissful than to see you happy, my little angel. To see you smile, laugh, joy, mean the world to me.

In the swimming pool today, we had great time, didnt we? only the two of us. You were screaming with joy when I hold your tiny body and did the fish motion. More more said.

In the evening, We had wonderful dinner in the Malaysian restaurant, where you asked me to show you all the fish. You had good apetite, and I was so excited. I could relate the sentiments of all those mommies when their kiddos dun want to eat. I am glad you dont have that problem. You are a perfect, healthy little angel!

Going home, you asked to see the children at the seaside. We strolled down the street singing, and there we were sitting on the bench at the street corner. You were on my lap, watching the crowds buzz around, all the motorbikes, bikes, becak, children, that moment was so special. Just the two of us.

Night has come, it's time for you to sleep. Say little prayer before you sleep my little angel, I had great time today. I am happy, as happy as sandboy and I hope you feel the same too.

Nighty-night,baby! See you tomorrow when the sun light comes.


Siska said...

so sweeett... aku jadi mau bursts in tears nih:)

debyyong said...

masyak sih..tenkiu.