Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The journal of the day

My notes for today:
  • Hubby fell sick, went to SOS. Given the medicines, but it didn seem did him any good. Hopefully he'll get better tomorrow.
  • Zoey is so talkative like her mom...hey??!! Yesterday she's not feeling well, causing her calmer than her usual nature. Vomitting 6 times within 24hours, on Monday, and diarrhea 6times yesterday...Hey, Zoey what is it with number 6??? But, today..she started chirping like a bird. Love you chirping like this babe, rather than quiet eventhough it made my ears crashed sometimes..:o). Went to doctor on Monday, to find she's teething. Yes, I saw the teeth popped out from her gum.

  • My baby talks more words everyday. She said to me when heard her papa in toilet, " Papa, poo poo, yuck yuck!!!!!...." Ha ha ha...yeah, that is so my daughter! Like mommie, like daughter eh?

  • Zoey started to scribble, always asking for pen and tas...meaning kertas for paper. And she would talk to her self scribbling, saying dog, duck, or spelling ," ed, Ow, Ay" Yong. I have to translate this to you guys, she actually trying to spell her name, Z O E Y, but she read it as Yong..

  • not good not good not good, my idol David Archuleta didnt give his best shot today. HE FORGOT HIS LYRIC!! oh no, He's too good to be out so early. Please America pardon him, give him chance. VOte for him!!! I stil wanna see him next week. Can't help not to see his innocent baby face!

  • Quite happy, finally could buy something sweet snack in this part of the world, after 3weeks searching. Cake oh cake, so hard to find you here!

  • Missing my kitchen utenstils so much!

Time is 11pm sharp, need to have my beauty sleep....good nite!


Vania said...
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Vania said...

Bu Debby, apa kbr. Seneng nemu blog ini, at least bisa tau perkebangan Miss Msia :D.
How's VungTau. Dulu Doddy sempet tinggal di situ 3 bulan. Sempet kena demam tinggi sampe 40C. Tapi hikmahnya... ditengah demam itu, dia melamar aku hua..ha..ha.. Sampe aku pikir, ni org lagi error, unconscious :D
Semoga betah, sehat selalu yah. Kita sekeluarga bae2 aja, udah makin betah, anak2 dah sekolah. Udah ktemu Edith (berkali-kali), sempet masakin kita lunch pulak! Pork Chop-nya yummy bgt!
Take care Bu Deb. Plz keep in touch.

debyyong said...

hai hai hai..
ya, beruntung sekali dekat dengan edith. Bakal kenyang mulu ama dia..hehe..en mabuk tentunya..
Betah ya udah disana. Keep updated ya, aku suka visit yr blog..Bagus!