Thursday, July 3, 2008

She's an official chef now

Gak penting banget beritanya. Tapi aku seneng banget.
Aku bikin apron buat si Zoey. ehm, kalo aku bilang bikin sendiri boong banget nyak?!
Kebetulan sih mbak yang kerja ditempatku tukang jahit, jadi aku suruh dia bikinin.
Yah lumayanlah hasilnya, supaya memotivasi zoe untuk bantuin mamanya di dapur. Karena emang dia hobi ublek ublek dapur.
En, dia seneng banget pake apron ini. Sampe gak mau dilepas.

Not that important news! However, am just too excited not to share this in my blog.
I've just made Zoe's her very first apron! Erm... I know I know. You dun believe if I made it myself, dun you? Yeah, You're right.. :)
I am lucky to have a helper who is also a tailor. She made it for her.
Look at it!, the outcome is not bad at all, isnt it? I wanna make something to encourage her helping me out at the kitchen. I asked her to write zoe's name on it too.
I like it lots, what do you think??

P.S: Other than in kitchen, can use it for art activity with her.