Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Am a happy helper! :)

Okay, the background story was:

This girl below was supposed to take shower. However she ran away from mommie who'd been chasing her. Mommie lost her. Dunno where she was, but eventually find her when she was doing below action!

When asked what she was doing, she answered," Hep thao..." (Read: Help thao-my helper)
How could mommie get angry if she's trying to be nice??? :)


Anonymous said...

When she's finished, can you please send her over? I could use some HEP THAO with my laundry too any time. c",)
So cute... unc hk

debyyong said...

hi unc,
not sure u're afford to pay her...hahaha.. she's too expensive labor! LOL

Yuli said...


she's so cute and considerate ^ ^ ga kaya kamu ^ ^ Pasti yang ini dari bapaknya.. ^ ^