Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Terrible Two

Day by day Zoe's development always amazes me. Next week she'll be 22months. Her range of vocabularies increases a lot than I can remember. Sometimes, I just dunno where she learnt all those words. She also started to combine word by word into simple sentences.
Out of the blue-yesterday, she said:" Thao cook no good!"and continued " Zoe cook good" :))) As you might know Thao is our helper at home. That sentence really astonished me. Then I asked her, what do you cook good? She replied," Zoe cook bubun (read: bubur)" meaning she cooks porridge. Me and Thao can't help but laughing.

However, in this stage. I find lots of difficulties tackling her. As she slowly knows what she wants, she doesnt want to listen instruction anymore. This is the difficult part. I recently always have to raise my tone speaking to her....and shockingly she did the same way as what I did.
I have to face the reality that she is now in the " Terrible Two" stage :o)). I din create that word by the way, the paeditrician i met introduced the word to me today.
When I ask her to listen to me, she would act as if i weren't there. It makes me feel like- what have I done wrong to her? and feels like a terrible mother.
However, from a conversation with the doctor today I felt bit relieve. I think all moms in this world might experience it, and I shouldnt think that way. I guess, am just overthink it.

The doctor advise me, at her stage now parents need to be firm on the rules. Otherwise, they will not respect your instruction.
She's also more expressive these days. Last saturday, after having bfast outside we went home. Reaching home, she's complaining," Zoe tired!", giving us a flagging face. :o))
Or else in the morning, after she wakes up and see me without me asking-she will say," I loss you , mommie!" :o)) what she's saying is I love you mommie. Isnt that the sweetest thing you want to hear from your kids?

Being a parent is a form of art, different kid would need a different way to tackle. There are times that am complaining too, but more moments to enjoy being with them.
Zoe's been teaching loads of things, teach me how to be more patient person, teach me to be more knowledgable so i can teach her better, teach me to be a more fun person since am hanging out with her, many life lessons.
I loss you too baby..:)))


Anonymous said...

Only two??!! Is that her boyfriend already??? Then it's more like teenage already. c",) unc hk

Anonymous said...

By the way, great smile Zoey (2nd pix). unc hk

debyyong said...

tenkiu unc hk!
that's my fling...