Wednesday, December 3, 2008

am lucky to be stranded here!

I was about to cry this morning when i found out that the laptop I bring couldn't turn on. Was hopeless, and wondering what I would do next to kill the time here. and now, taraa...just because of my foolishness not knowing that i was supposed to switch on the button to have the power cord on. Whatever it is, am glad i have my computer back in life.

Yes, after almost one week stranded in bangkok with uncertainty feeling, yesterday we arrived here in pitsanoluk by train that took us around 5hours from bangkok.
Many of my friends concern about me and my family here, that I appreciate so much.
However, I have to tell you honestly..If I have to be stranded somewhere, bangkok was really my choice. Haha..I enjoyed all the food when I was there. The mango sticky rice, the Thai tea. Oh my goodness, all the food just enriching my body to the fullest! 2 kg in a week? ow dear lord. Make me scared to death!
Everyday is a new day for me to make a new resolution, no more sweet stuffs, no more sweet stuffs...(keep reminding my self), but that thai tea!..gosh, why they make it so nice?? why is it so tempting?? two glasses not enuff. and why is it so full of calories?? oh yeah, the condensed milk, the cream? hmmm...the caffein also. I know it's not good to consume when u pregnant.. but, mercy's just so hard! irresistable. Blaming myself everyday.

We stil dunno when exactly we'll be out of here, the plan is somewhere mid of jan09. However, If I can't stand it, perhaps I'll go back home vungtau earlier.
Zoe been good,and extremely behaved compared when she's in vungtau which am quite pleased about. I hope she will stay the same.