Sunday, July 6, 2008

A celebrity caught bikini pose!

E-online: Zoey Yong, a recent booming celebrity from Malaysia was caught in the act by paparazzi when she was doing her bikini pose for cover of VOQUE Baby Magazine. Psst.. we heard from a trusted source that she was paid 100,000 USD for this photoshoot.

Despite of surrounded by at least 10 persons, and all the lightings - Zoe was surprisingly seemed so relaxed and comfort during the session.

She was captured before the shooting started - drank a mineral water

Here's some pictures during the photoshoot:

This is the picture when she's trying to chase away the paparazzi

And she's having fun after the photosession over..


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... subject has great future modeling potential. But don't u think it is a bit too early for her? :o)

SUGENG - SIWI said...

lucu bangeet..

debyyong said...

anonymous: you think she is?
mas sugeng: mas sugeng,makasih dah mampir. aduh jadi keinget masih ada pr buat blog masyindo yang belum kegarap2 neh. (merasa bersalah..:o) )